8 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husbands

Admit it, men say we’re hard to buy for, but anniversary ideas for husbands can be just as tough. Whether it’s your first, fifteenth or your fiftieth wedding anniversary, you want your gift to be special and unique. Perhaps you think new socks and another navy tie are needed gifts for your husband every year, but here are some interesting anniversary ideas for husbands that should not be overlooked!

1. A romantic night with just you.

This is a good anniversary idea for husbands, especially if the budget is tight and won’t allow for the expense of a party or night out celebrating. There are other ways to make your anniversary night just as special. Create a romantic mood by choosing a room in your house such as your bedroom and make it look like something straight out of a Harlequin Romance novel. You can accomplish this by draping scarves over lampshades (making sure that the fabric doesn’t touch the bulbs or you could wind up with melting scarf and a smell in the room that resembles burning hair) and you can dim the lights low with some old fashion music.

Add candles to the room, if you don’t have a lot of candleholders, improvise! Almost any non-flammable object can make a great candleholder. Use small plates or empty baby food jars for votives. A large bowl with floating candles will look great with its combination of gentle light and movement.

Music is always a good idea. If you and he have a special song that reminds you both of the time you first met, your first kiss or the first time you said, “I Love You,” include that in your set up for the room.


Keeping the night romantic may mean packing the kids off to your parents for the night. The kids will probably love having the opportunity to be spoiled by their grandparents for the evening, and you and your husband won’t have your anniversary mood ruined by crying, fighting, or other mom and dad referee duties.

His and her lingerie wouldn’t be a bad idea either. A luscious negligee will leave you feeling anything but neglected and you can get him a spiffy pair of silk shorts. Not used to bearing some skin? If you feel self conscious, keep your lingerie in mind as you hit the gym a few weeks before the special night, and start to feel good from the inside out as your health and self esteem improve. Do whatever it takes to enjoy a romantic evening for just the two of you and celebrate your anniversary in style.

If you have a big family. A family day out might just be the greatest gift you can give. Just give squishies to distract kids, it then becomes an instant time between just you and your partner.


2. Enjoy a special vacation away from home.

If you want some anniversary ideas for husbands that don’t involve celebrating at home, consider making your anniversary a special getaway for the two of you. It does not have to be a Bahamas cruise or exotic vacation to Tahiti, but you can find great deals through online travel sites that can be even more adventurous or exotic. Some travel websites even have a special section called “Last Minute Deals” or “All Inclusive Vacations,” where you can choose a two, four, or six day get away. If you want something at the last minute, take a look online, and don’t let price get you down.

If your husband is into specific niche interests, it can be difficult year after year to come up with new anniversary ideas.

For husbands that love science and history, try a weekend trip to a historical site like the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., or Jamestown, Virginia. Maybe there are missions or other historical landmarks in your state that could be fun to explore. If your guy is a sand and surf fellow, book an all-inclusive vacation at a resort in Floridaor Californiafor a weekend.


3.Have you considered unusual or exotic lessons?

Does your guy love to learn? If he enjoys adding to his personal knowledge base on a regular basis, there are a number of fun classes you both can take to not only learn a new skill, but also to spend time together.

If he is drawn to cooking, sign up for a cooking class for the two of you. There are several types to choose from in most cities. From Cordon Bleu French Gourmet style to learning the basics of making sushi, you and your favorite guy can have a blast learning new things to cook up in the kitchen.

Scuba lessons are also warmly welcomed if he likes the ocean. Many people are amazed at the array of life that is occurring below the waves. You can both sign up and get certified to sport dive, which will take you to about 35-feet below the surface and you’ll be able to see so much more of the ocean wildlife than you’d ever get to see when simply snorkeling.

If he thrives on adrenaline, have you considered skydiving lessons? Many people enjoy skydiving as a hobby and it’s not an overly expensive hobby to get into.

Other fun lessons include Shag dancing (a 1940’s swing-style of dancing), singing lessons, and even creating his own music video (for those of us that married to the guy that American Idol missed out on). If he has the need for speed, he can take NASCAR driving lessons or you can rent a fast sports car for the day or weekend.

4. Married to Inspector Gadget? 

Gadgets often make great anniversary gifts for husbands. Many men are drawn to items that perform an unusual function. An electronic weather gauge will please many men. It works through an external sensor that reports frequently to the base that is located inside the house. The temperature outside as well as inside will be reported. Many of these gadgets come with barometers that predict sunshine or storms on the horizon.

Golf course knives are also popular among men that enjoy walking the greens. The knives usually come with handy tools such as divot repairers, bottle openers, and usually a couple of golf ball markers.

Redenvelop.com has an unusual collection of gadgets that will please any fellow from a Swiss Army Knife with all the usual array of blades and helpers to the new millennium addition of a memory stick for a computer complete with USB connection. Other unusual offerings include a digital frame that changes photos every few minutes and special hot dog rollers and other barbeque equipment.

5. Give a special message to your man.

A special engraved piece of jewelry makes a great anniversary gift for husbands. There can be a special nickname, the date you both said, “I do” or simply, “I Love You” will make great ways to show your love and affection for your husband. Some men dislike wearing rings or bracelets, but will happily wear a necklace.

Get him a manly rope chain and have a small clasp tag added with a special “I love you” engraved on it. A watch is also a low-key way to give a special engraved, loving message. The message is usually engraved on the back of the watch and will be up against his wrist when the watch is worn so you can make the engraving as personal as you like.

6.  Plan a special anniversary alfresco.

Plan an anniversary alfresco that includes favorite outdoor activities for the two of you. If you both enjoy a day rocking gently in a boat, talking softly while lines bob up and down, plan a day of fishing just for the two of you. Pack a picnic complete with chilled wine and stemmed glasses. Give him a fishing related gift of hand tied flies and lures, or whatever might tickle his fancy.
Let nature provide the ambiance with a night under the stars, in the mountains, or on a beach. Take a long walk hand-in-hand breathing in the fresh air and sharing confidences. Nibble on hot dogs over an open fire topped with s’mores and washed down with a favorite beverage. As the moon shines, crawl into sleeping bags and let nature’s music take it from there. Plan for one night or a weekend, but make it fun for both of you.

7. Making music in and out of the bedroom.

Does your hubby grab his air guitar and rock out to the music or is he more into urban smooth jazz with tickled ivories and the soulful sound of horns? Music sets the stage for an anniversary centered on sounds, so purchase tickets to see his favorite band on tour as a gift sure to please.
Whisk him away to a club for a night of blues, jazz, or whatever he taps his foot to. Add a special touch by buying him a favorite CD and tucking the tickets inside the wrapped package.
When money is an issue, make a little night music at home. Burn all his favorite tunes on to CD’s and present them to him as a gift. Have the CD player ready to go along with dinner and wine. Start the evening with a candlelight dinner and his new music mix playing in the background. End the evening on a musical note letting the music take the two of you where it will.

8. Massage for Two

Nothing relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul like a great massage. Make reservations for the two of you at a spa for a long, luxurious massage. No one knows the man in your life like you do, so choose the type of massage that best suits him and his lifestyle. Before making a reservation, research the various types of massages and inquire about the ones that interest you most. From the Californian massage that incorporates scented oils into skin and muscles with long, smooth strokes, to the Thai massage that stretches and loosens muscles and joints, you are bound to find the right massages for your Mr. Right.

An alternative to going to a spa is creating a spa at home with scented oils, a bubble bath for two, candles in every nook and cranny, and two new big, fluffy towels to wrap each other in. Chill a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket next to the bath tub and have two glasses waiting near by for an anniversary toast.

If you can’t afford an expensive massage, invite him to a waist training dance exercise class. He will surely appreciate it!

Use these tips and come up with some anniversary ideas for your husband to make this year’s anniversary celebration special and one that he’ll remember fondly for years to come!