An Introduction To Survival Bracelets That Others Are Dying To Know

The quality of sports equipment directly depends not so much on the comfort of a journey as on a person’s life. Of course, there are a lot of devices that become in the field simply indispensable. These are special karemats that withstand extreme temperatures, and tinder made of artificial fibers, and flashlights, and a compass. It is important to understand that this is far away all the elements of a long-distance march. The number of special devices can be safely attributed to the survival bracelet. This type is a bracelet not only for outfits but for survival in the wild as well. Perfect bracelet gift for Valentine’s.

What it is?

What is a survival bracelet? An interesting fact is that survival bracelets are not only sports equipment, but also military equipment used by the leading armies of the world. Bracelet Survival is a braided construction, made by hand from a durable elastic cord or paracord. Why was the bracelet given such a “talking title”? This is because, if necessary, the paracord cord can be easily disentangled and used for various purposes from purely technical to medical. That’s how technologically-advanced paracord bracelets are. Paracord is not just a solid rope of small diameter. In fact, a paracord is a sling with a core of a bundle of wires that can withstand a maximum Survival Bracelet stencil load of up to 290 kg.

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When knitting a paracord bracelet, up to 4 m of cord is consumed, therefore, having dismissed it, you will receive an appropriate amount of durable from a technical point of view lines. Many seek to buy a paracord bracelet from stores, as it can be useful for attaching tents, repairing shoes and clothes, building shelters, for making nets for fishing, snares, and as a fishing line core of a sling. Originally mentioned product was used for the manufacture of parachute lines, which once again underlines its strength characteristics. The core of the cord, regardless of the color of the braid, is white, which is very convenient in the field, since the vein is almost invisible in the water or against the background of foliage. Just like paracord bracelets, there also exist what they call paracord bangles. It has the same features, except that these are more durable.

Today, a mass of useful products is made from paracord bracelets, a watch strap from a paracord, a belt for carrying a weapon in the marching and combat position, a stylish men’s belt, a paracord leash for pets, etc. Often the cord is used in the manufacture of goods for tourism. Survival bracelets make good gifts too! You can try giving these bracelets to girlfriend as preparation to any calamity.

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Pros and cons of zippers on a survival bracelet

We should also say a few words about the clasps for survival bracelets. As a rule, we have two options of fasteners – a fasteks latch and a metal carbine. Fasteks is convenient when putting on the fact that it snaps easily on the wrist and fits tightly in the volume of the hand. If you need to remove the bracelet with fasteks, you just need to unbutton the latch. With a comfortable enough to wear, it will be somewhat harder to stitch such a product than with a carabineer. It may take 5-7 minutes. To dissolve the bracelet faster, you will need to break one of the parts of the latch. To date, there are various fasteksy. In addition to the standard fastener, you can purchase a survival bracelet with a flint, compass, whistle, as well as other additional elements.

A survival bracelet with a carabineer requires adjustment to the size of the wrist, taking into account the removal of the bracelet without the carabineer connector. Simply put, it will be necessary to remove and put on the bracelet without undoing it for this, there should be enough cord stock. Thus, trying on the length of the paracord bracelet, on which you plan to fasten the snap-on carabineer, throw a couple of extra centimeters so that the hand goes into the volume of the product. Bracelets with carabineer easily unravel, so the “extraction” of the material does not take much time. A stunning bracelet gift to anyone you love. It’s a great Valentine’s day bracelet gift for your date.

Based on which You Should Choose the Bracelets?

  • Survival (food, clothing, equipment)
  • Making devices for catching animals, birds and fish (fishing line from internal veins, snares, hangers for drying),
  • Construction of shelters (tents, awnings, huts),
  • The manufacture of primitive weapons (spears, spears, bowstring, warning system, winding knife handle),
  • Repair of clothes and shoes, restoration of lacing,
  • Repair and replacement of parts for tourist equipment (slings of tents, handles for carrying a backpack),
  • The manufacture of coats, belts, etc.,
  • Manufacture of vehicles (raft, snowshoes),
  • Making insurance,
  • Making fire by friction.
  • Medicine (therapy, surgery):
  • Making a harness to stop bleeding,
  • Tire manufacturing (for limb fractures),
  • Manufacture of “catgut” for stitching wounds (internal veins of the paracord),
  • Use of lived cord as dental floss,
  • Use of a cord for the manufacture of stretchers.

And finally, the most important thing! In no case do not uses the paracord cord as a dynamic cable, as it cannot withstand the weight of a person under high loads. You should not use it as climbing equipment during ascents and descents friction against a carbine, weight of a person and equipment, etc.

Thus, in whatever life situation you have to end up, the survival bracelet can be the thread of Arianna that will help you get out of the most dangerous places. Using the equipment correctly, you will not just make your trip comfortable, but also protect yourself in extreme conditions.